Travelling with Pets

Everything you need to know to travel with pets or assistance animals.


General Rules

TAP Portugal allows transporting animals in the cabin or the hold, depending on the weight, size and species of animal.

Each country’s laws governing the import and export of animals must be respected, and therefore the relevant embassies or consulates must always be contacted.

We strongly recommend that you consult the Direção Geral de Veterinária [Portuguese Veterinary Authority] website, clicking on the link where you will find more detailed information about the applicable sanitary regulations for the transport of domestic animals to and from EU member states and other countries outside the EU.

Passengers are responsible for:

  • submitting all the animal’s documents, such as health certificates and passports, among others;
  • will have to sign a declaration for expediting live animals, which will be given to you when the animal’s transport is paid for;
  • must provide food and water for the entire trip.

Note: Only dogs recognised as “service animals” (SVAN) may be authorised for transport in the cabin on TAP flights to/in transit in the United Kingdom. Animals are not accepted for transport in the hold on this route. 

The booking must be made in good time

If you would like to transport your pet, you must inform us at the time of booking, or at least 24 hours before departure.

Approval of requests for transporting animals in the cabin or in the hold is subject to availability of space, the type of plane allocated and the passenger’s cabin class.

If the journey involves more than one airline, they must all authorise transporting the animal.

You will be required to provide information on the size of the pet container in which the animal is to be carried, total weight (pet container plus animal), and the species and number of animals to be carried.

Pet containers must comply with TAP regulations.

Special rules apply to service animals (see the “Service Animals” section).

Flights to Brazil

If you are travelling to Brazil and intend to carry food and/or animal and vegetable products or pets, please refer to the informational links below.
Ministério da Agricultura do Brasil (Portuguese only)
Mala_legal - Ministério da Agricultura do Brasil (PDF, 1Mb, por) 

Pets in the cabin

Pets accepted in the cabin:  

  • Small domestic animals (PETC), dogs and cats only. 
  • Emotional support animals (ESAN)
  • Service animals (SVAN), such as seeing-eye, hearing or assistant dogs that accompany a blind, deaf or a PRM passenger.
General conditions of acceptance for:

Small domestic animals

  • Only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin.
  • The maximum weight of the animal carrier plus animal is 8kg / 17lbs.
  • The pet container may not exceed 45cm in length, 30cm in width and 23cm in height.
  • The pet must be completely inside the container (including head and tail) during the whole flight and be able to move inside. 
  • Each passenger may only bring one pet container on board. However, the pet container may contain more than one animal if they are from the same specie and familiar with each other and have space to move inside.
  • A pet container designed to transport animals (rigid or soft-sided) may be used as long as it does not exceed the dimensions defined above and is water-tight (capable of retaining the animal’s body fluids).
  • Approval of requests for transporting animals in the cabin is subject to availability of space, the type of plane allocated and the passenger’s cabin class.
  • The animals must be clean, healthy, and free of odours and must not constitute a threat or disturb other passengers. Females may not be pregnant.
  • If the animal fulfils the cabin transport conditions and the application is approved, the animal carrier must be placed under the seat of the passenger responsible, so that it does not obstruct free movement in the cabin.
  • A passenger seat may not be used and the animal may never move about inside the cabin. 

Service Animals (SVAN) and Emotional Support Animals (ESAN)

Please check the “Service Dogs” section.

Pet containers must be:

  • leak- and smell-proof. 
  • must be provided by the passenger.
  • should be a soft-sided bag, that can be completely stowed under the seat in front of the passenger.

Transporting animals in the hold 

Animals may be carried in the hold of the plane on which the passenger responsible for them is travelling, under the following conditions:

  • The airline is notified in advance of the animal in the hold.
  • The animal is transported in its own pet container.
  • The passenger provides sufficient food and water for the entire journey since it is not possible to feed or exercise animals during stopovers.
  • The pet container with the animal inside is delivered when the passenger is accepted on the flight and will be placed in the ventilated area in the plane’s hold.
  • The total weight of the animal and its respective carrier must not exceed 45kg. If the combined weight is more than 45kg, the animal must be transported as cargo (see contacts below). Exception of countries below, that by law the maximum weight possible to accept is 32kgs: USA, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
  • On flights to Luanda, departing from all TAP network airports except Lisbon.
  • Approval of requests for transporting animals in the hold is subject to availability of space and the type of plane allocated.

Animal transportation in the Cargo compartment

Applicable when the weight of the animal, including the container, exceeds 45 kg or 32kgs if travelling to/from/via USA, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands. 

Conditions of Acceptance

  • The transport must be within the passenger ticket itinerary.
  • The animal must be delivered for transport within 4 hours prior to the flight schedule. Conditions/schedule of acceptance may vary according to the departure Station.
  • The passenger must provide all necessary documents and be responsible for any additional charges held at origin and destination.
  • TAP has the ultimate decision on which flight the animal will be transported in.
  • Animals transported as cargo cannot be carried on Embraer and Beechcraft aircrafts.
  • On flights from Lisbon to Luanda, the animal must be transported as cargo.


For further information the Cargo Department must be consulted.

TAP Cargo Site:


Call Centre Portugal (Cargo): Mon to Fri 9 am – 6:30 pm

Lisbon (+351) 218 445 470

Oporto (+351) 229 449 751

Madeira (+351) 291 520 830

Azores (+351) 295 206 460

Rates for transporting animals

Animal Transportation In the Cabin  In the Hold  In the Hold as Cargo
(if it exceeds 45kg) *
Weight up to 8kg up to 32kg over 32kg and up to 45kg over 45kg and up to 70kg over 70kg and up to 100kg
Domestic Flights (Portugal) €35 €70 130 €160 €190
Europe/Morocco/Algeria €70 €100 €200 €270 €340
Intercontinental Flights €150 €200 €300 €380 €480

* On certain routes, by law, the maximum weight will be restricted to 32 kg. To/from/via the following countries it’s only accepted animal in the hold until 32kgs (total animal + container): USA, Hungary, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Netherlands. Charges presented for animal transportation in the cargo compartment are only valid exit Portugal. Other countries may apply different amounts and taxes.


Values per one way.

To be charged in your local currency based on the daily exchange rate.


Guide dogs and other service dogs

Guide dogs for the hearing or sight impaired, service dogs for those with low mobility and dogs for emotional assistance are transported by TAP Portugal free of charge and may travel in the cabin.

Those interested in this service should let us know as early as possible of the need to be accompanied by a guide dog or service dog.

Transport conditions:

Transporting a guide dog or service dog must meet the following requirements:

  • The animal must be on a lead.
  • The animal cannot move around the cabin.
  • It cannot occupy a seat.
  • It must be identified as a service dog.
  • It must comply with all health rules and have all the necessary legal documentation.
  • It must have documentation proving official training and certification. This documentation must be shown upon request.

Confirmation of dogs for emotional assistance is subject to the following conditions:

  • Transport request must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Booking confirmations for passengers with dogs for emotional assistance will depend on the TAP doctor’s professional opinion.

TAP complies with the regulations in force, namely:

  • EU Regulation no. 1107/2006 of 5 July 2006 on the rights of passengers with low mobility.
  • Passengers travelling to/from the US are carried according to the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 382 from the US Department of Transportation, in force since 13 May 2009.


Note: Only dogs recognised as “service animals” (SVAN) may be authorised for transport in the cabin on TAP flights to/in transit in the United Kingdom. Animals are not accepted for transport in the hold on this route.