TAP Portugal  

Luggage Recommendations

TAP Portugal gives you advices to keep in mind while carrying luggage


Recommendations on luggage carrying

  • Luggage must always be properly labelled with your name and address both inside and out and should be locked or padlocked.
  • Do not carry fragile, perishable or valuable items or documents in checked luggage.
  • Make sure that the bag tags given to you when checking your luggage match your destination. On flights to Europe with connections in Lisbon the destination indicated must be the end of your journey.
  • When collecting your luggage, make sure that the tag number is the same as yours.
  • Do not exceed your luggage allowance and respect the limits of its physical resistance.
  • Complaints about luggage irregularities must be made immediately to TAP staff when you collect your bags or find that it has been misplaced and before you leave the luggage hall.
  • You must request transport of this type of equipment via the Call Centre.
TAP advices: do not carry items for other people without knowing what they contain.
Please use the following contact details in case of any irregularities with my luggage: