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Czech Republic

The Castles lead us back into the austerity of the Middle Age, but the palaces will rescue us from that age of scarcity and take us into lavish environments, when the local aristocracy had great power. This is an ideal country to explore, travelling by car without having a planned route, the surprisingly well preserved villages will lead us to stops during the journey.

Deep in the heart of Europe, this country could not escape from a history of great turmoil. But if the location has brought such troubles, it has also contributed towards a rich heritage in a country that has not more than 79 thousand km2. Over 2000 castles and palaces, many of them are historical centers classified by UNESCO, giving us the impression that we are in cities belonging to another age. Showing us how the Czech Republic has so much to explore besides the capital, Prague, a live museum.Without a coastline, this country’s varies between a temperate and continental climate, with mild summers and light winters unfit for the region standard climate. It is a country with some mountainous areas such as the Carpathian Mountains, which define borders with Slovakia, country which was formed Czechoslovakia until early 1993. Up north in the transition to Germany and Poland are the Sudeten Mountains, where the country’s highest peak rises up to 1602 meters, lacking to mention Austria to complete the list of neighbors.In 1968 the strength of the intellectuals was proven in their will to parry the country from the Warsaw Pact. Spring ended when the Soviet tanks arrived in Prague. But the quietness seems to be part of country that regained its independence in the “Velvet Revolution” in 1989.

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