TAP Personalised Assistance

TAP provides extra assistance during every moment of your flight. Travel with extra comfort.


What is TAP Personalised Assistance?

Available at Lisbon, Porto or Funchal Airports, even if they are your connecting airport, you'll have a new Personalised Assistance Service at your disposal, which provides:

  • Assistance during check-in.
  • Checked luggage transport.
  • Connecting flights, and much more.

Terms & Conditions of this service (PDF, 0.5 Mb).


Personalised Assistance options

Created in response to the different needs of every type of travel - business or leisure, individual, groups or families - the Personalised Assistance Service is available in 4 versions:


Advance Check-In    
Personalised transportation of Checked Luggage    
Escort to the Check-In Desk    
Escort to the aircraft    
Arrange the most suitable time for boarding    
Transport by exclusive vehicle    
Updated Information    


Escort from the aircraft to the Terminal's Arrivals Hall    
Transport by exclusive vehicle    
Priority luggage reclaim    
Personalised transportation of luggage to outside the Arrivals Hall    
Assistance in case of lost luggage    


Escort from the aircraft and through the entire arrivals process, until boarding on the connecting flight Not applicable  Not applicable 
Disembar/Embark transportation by exclusive vehicle Not applicable  Not applicable 
Escort through terminal buiding (and to lounge if applicable) Not applicable  Not applicable 


 Departure or ArrivalConnections
  1 Person 2 to 9 Persons* 1 Person 2 to 9 Persons*
45 EUR 24 EUR    
85 EUR 42 EUR 85 EUR 42 EUR
105 EUR 48 EUR    
140 EUR 60 EUR 140 EUR 60 EUR


  • Price per person and per transfer, departure or arrival service (only at Lisbon, Porto and Funchal airports).

  • Prices for groups (over 9 people) are available upon request.
  • The customer will always be escorted to the lounge if this service is included in their fare or profile.
  • VAT included at the current rate.

* The surcharge applied will be calculated according to number of additional customers. Depending on the number of customers, discounts may be applied.


Meeting Points

Personalised Assistance service is available only in Lisbon, Porto and Funchal Airports.

This service does not replace the services provided by the airline in situations where passengers need special assistance due to medical or other reasons (such as customers with motor disabilities, unaccompanied minors, etc).

In this cases, please request the service you required when you booked your flight. 

Airports For Domestic Flights For International Flights
Lisbon Area adjacent to the Premium store in Terminal 1 Area adjacent to the Premium store in Terminal 1
Porto Check-In Counter 22 Check-In Counter 22
Funchal Check-In Counter 8 (TAP's Business Class Counter) Check-In Counter 8 (TAP's Business Class Counter)

For Arrivals and Connections, the meeting point shall be at the aircraft's front door.