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Düsseldorf is one of the world's best cities to live in, say the experts. And those who are visiting can enjoy not only the quality, but also profit from the extensive cultural and leisure programs, that will make of each day a different experience.

The location of the city, just beside the Rhine was crucial for Dusseldorf to become a business center, having taken advantage of the fluvial harbor that has been gaining increasing importance and contributing to economic and population growth. But despite living primarily from industry and commerce it is not just a city where time is spent working and earning money. The natural beauty and huge range of leisure facilities make it an increasingly touristic destination. There are over 20 museums, 100 art galleries and hundreds of restaurants and bars. The climate is temperate, with an average of 5 degrees in winter. In summer, it rarely goes beyond 24 degrees. Public transports (www.rheinbahn.com) driven on the surface or in tunnels, are the best way to quickly reach a destination. The Düsseldorf Welcome Card, especially designed for tourists, provides a great number of advantages, especially in transports and free entry in museums, discounts on shows and it can be purchased at the many tourist offices in town. Anyone who intends to rent car must inform themselves previously on the city's environmental policy that does not allow the circulation of polluting vehicles in certain areas.