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The industrial past led to a present where innovation is constant. Everyday there is something new to experiment and a new space to discover.

Located in the northwest of England, Manchester is the third largest city in the country and one of the most sought after by tourists. If in the past it was the capital of industry and the place to find work, today, it is a reference for culture and leisure, always trying to be ahead of new trends. Despite being somewhat cold in the winter (with temperatures between 1 to 6 degrees C), Manchester can be visited throughout the year, although there are more tourists in spring time. This is a city where it is easy to walk everywhere, since everything is at a short distance. The tram circles most of the city and there is a free shuttle (metroshuttle) linking the city centre to the rail stations, commercial areas and the most popular touristic places. Cycling is being encouraged (www.cyclegm.org) with cycle lanes and parking places. Those who travel by foot, car or bike should keep in mind that in England the traffic circulation is on the left-hand side of the road.