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In Recife, the real adventure is hidden in the depths of its crystal clear waters. Diving is an experience par excellence of this area of Pernambuco, where adrenaline shoots without delay. Besides its natural pools, there is an underwater park with three dozen shipwrecks.

For beginners, with the help of professionals of one of several centres or diving schools in Recife, the adventure becomes much easier. You can do a diving course or opt for an underwater tour. Among the dozens of shipwrecks most appreciated by lovers of scuba diving are the Areial São Martim, sunk in the outskirts of the Recife Port - 12 metres deep, the Vapor 48 - 48 metres deep and inhabited by numerous species, and the Alfama de Lisboa, a Portuguese sailing ship sunk ten metres deep. You can also dive along the B18, a plane that crashed into the sea due to failure after take-off.

Adventure: Andere Reiseziele

Fortaleza Rio de Janeiro Seville Pico
Fortaleza Rio de Janeiro Seville Pico