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With temperatures varying between 21 and 30 degrees, with an average of 27 degrees from January to March, and 24 degrees from June to August, the beaches of Salvador are a tropical paradise. The coastline in this part of Bahia is the most extensive in the country, about 50 miles of beaches.

Here we find tranquil bays, excellent for scuba diving, deep sea fishing or sailing, but also other areas with choppy sea and bigger waves, perfect for surfers. Elsewhere, we find areas of rocks, reefs, where the low tide forms on the sand, several natural pools where kids can play and have fun. In common, the white sand dunes and palm trees. The beach at Piata has the largest extent of coconut trees and, furthermore, the waters are crystal clear and ideal for some diving. Along the beach, we easily find bars, restaurants and huts that offer the best Bahian food.For lovers of surf, one of the best known is the Atlantic Beach Villas, it is usually empty during the week and fills up on the weekends. Slightly different is the beach of Porto da Barra, the most central of all. Also there are beach huts, but the evening is very popular because it is a great place to watch the sunsets. In Salvador you can walk in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon and dance in the evening!

Beach: Andere Reiseziele

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Marseille Nice Faro Sao Vicente