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Croatia’s capital isn’t only an economic and political centre. Art, leisure and fun take over the streets creating a relaxed environment, which reminds you more of the joyous and colourful Mediterranean than of the cold and austere Central Europe.

Zagreb’s charm is not only in its history and the monuments that tell it, but also in the way the city lives daily life joyfully. There is a relaxed environment, even during the months when the cold and snow dye the landscape grey. The cafés, the breweries, shops and squares are welcoming places where you would want to just watch time go by. The parks and gardens invite peaceful strolls and the busy nights become the perfect epilogue for days of commotion, between shopping and museums. The city has a continental climate, characterized by cold winters – with temperatures around zero degrees and with snowfall - and summer months of high temperatures. Between May and June, thermometers can reach more than 30 degrees. The autumn months are the rainiest ones and fog is also frequent this time of year. The city has a good public transportation system, with regular lines of trains and buses that operate all day long, with reduced nightly services. Tickets can be acquired in advance, whether in kiosks or by SMS. There are also rent-a-car companies and a lot of parking places in several zones of the city.