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The wine gave it fame, but it's just an excuse to discover a city full of life, with impressive monuments, a top quality dining and a remarkable cultural upheaval.

Beautiful and surprising, Bordeaux has a very particular charm, which is both classic and avant-garde. The well-kept heritage reveals a noble past, full of great events and emblematic figures. Traditions are maintained, respected and publicized, but they get new characteristics, creating a climate of perceived innovation in gastronomy, culture and nightlife. Above all, Bordeaux celebrates the life and famous joie de vivre so typical of the French. The climate favors tourism, since the average temperatures are very mild: 11 degrees in winter and 27 degrees in summer. To discover the center of town, walking it is the best option, because much of this area is closed to traffic. The transport system has benefited greatly by the arrival of the metropolitan area, which circulates in the city between 05:00 and 01:00, also making the connection to various locations in the vicinity. Buses and trams are also a cheap and quick to arrive. There are trains and buses that travel outside the city but to visit the vineyards in the vicinity, it is best to rent a car.