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The monuments incorporate a lot of history. Prague is rich in culture and tradition. The music, the wealth of green landscapes and museums are just starting points to meet a capital increasingly cosmopolitan and modern.

Prague is a city with centuries of history that proudly can be told on every corner and that UNESCO awarded the title of World Heritage Site in 1992. The castle, the historic Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square are some of the most emblematic sites, but there is much to discover, such as cafes or parks, where tourists can feel the true soul of this capital, the scene of moments historically as the "Velvet Revolution, regarded by many as the "mother of all cities." The climate is mild therefore not too extreme, but still, spring and autumn are the most advisable times to enjoy walking, avoiding temperatures that can reach 0 degrees in winter and 30 degrees in summer. The best way to know the Czech capital is on foot, but Prague is served by good public transports that allow you to travel comfortably at a quite pleasant price. Rail links are also worthwhile, either internally or to neighbouring countries. Travelling by car and by taxi is to avoid, as traffic in downtown is usually pretty intense, especially during the week.