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The first capital of Brazil is a land of poets and musicians. But it is also a city full of history and culture, with pronounced characteristics at every turn. The mixture of cultures is the greatest symbol of Salvador, whose historic center is a World Heritage Site. The Carnival is the largest cultural event city.

Considered by many as the cultural capital of Brazil, Salvador is a world of cultures that over the centuries has made it unique. The streets in the historic center of Salvador take the visitor to the early days of Brazil's history. Until 1763, Salvador was the capital of the Portuguese Crown in the Americas. Birthplace of great names in music and poetry it is a city that invites you to constant discoveries. The historic center, a city within a city, known as Pelourinho, is considered as World Heritage by UNESCO, which helped restore and maintain the architectural features so characteristic. Take the chance to walk along the cobblestone streets and discover the colorful facades of the colonial buildings and the Lacerda Elevator. It is said that there are 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Be sure to visit the Church and Convent of São Francisco (with a ton of gold in the altar, says the legend) and the Cathedral-Basilica. This cultural tour includes the major museums such as Carlos Costa Pinto Museum, the Museum of Sacred Art from UFBA, the Bahia Art Museum and Abelardo Rodrigues Museum. One of the greatest cultural manifestations of Bahia is the Salvador Carnival considered to be the most popular event in the world, bringing together about 2.7 million people. The festivities last a week and run through the main avenues.

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