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TAP convention support

TAP's aim is not only to ensure that the entity responsible for the convention is recognised for its organisational ability, but also to promote Portugal and our airline's services.

In order to make it easier for delegates to travel to conventions, TAP has formed a range of partnerships with congress organisers under the following conditions:

  • Participants have discounts of 10% to 20%.
  • Payment must be made online by credit card.
  • The discount is applicable on return trips from any TAP destination to Portugal and is valid only on TAP-operated flights.
  • Code share flights operated by other airlines are not allowed.
  • Each convention will be allocated a special code that must be mentioned when making the online booking in order to obtain a discount.
  • The organiser will send TAP an up-to-date list of registered participants for the purpose of discounts and confirming that the booking is legitimate.
  • The organiser will consider TAP the conference's Official Carrier and will include this information in the event's documentation, website and other important media.

For more information, e-mail us or fill our form.

List of events for which TAP is currently Official Carrier:

Month Congress Date Local  
February 2014  1º Encontro Mundial de Tripulantes de Cabine  06 to 09 February Estoril official website
Universidade Judiciária: Desafios do Direito Penal da União Europeia na Sociedade Mundial 13 to 15  February Lisbon / Porto 
Leaping Forward 13 to 19 February  Lisbon   
EWRR Congress  20 to 22 February Lisbon 
2º Encontro Ibero Americano de Jovens Musicólogos 26 to 27 February Lisbon / Porto official website
March 2014  BTL 2014 12 to 16 March Lisbon official website 
Meia Maratona de Lisboa EDP 16 March Lisbon 
4th International Research Forum On Guided Tours 18 to 21 March Lisbon  
CNSI - Conferência Nacional de Segurança Informática 27 to 28 March  Luanda   official website
April 2014  II Congresso Mundial de Comunicação Ibero - Americano  13 to 16 April Lisbon / Porto official website 
VIII Congresso Português de Sociologia  14 to 16  April   Évora  official website
5th International 5-A -Side Aviation Cup 2014  24 to 27  April  Lisbon / Faro   official website 
Programa Doutoral em Estudos Culturais  28 to 30  April   Lisbon / Porto  official website
May 2014  2º Congresso Internacional de Saúde do IP Leiria  09 to 10 May Lisbon / Porto  official website 
ACI Europe's Regional Airport's Conference & Exhibition  12 to 14 May Funchal  official website
11th International Conference on Computational Management Science 2014 29 to 31 May  Lisbon  official website
39th International Porsche 356 Meeting  29 May to 01 June Lisbon  
June 2014   UX LX 04 to 06  June  Lisbon   official website
COTEC 2014 05 to 10  June Lisbon official website
FESTROIA 06 to 15  June Lisbon official website
20th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution  22 to 27 June Porto / Lisbon  official website
 V Jornadas Ibéricas de Ictiologia 24 to 27 June  Lisbon  official website
FEST 2014 24 to 30 June Porto / Lisbon official website
Summer School no Porto  30 June to 04 July  Porto / Lisbon official website
July 2014  19th WONCA Europe Conference* 02 to 05 July Lisbon   official website
XXII Encontro de Professores de Português dos Estados Unidos e Canadá 03 to 06 July Açores  official website
IX Congresso Nacional de Geologia 18 to 24 July Porto / Lisbon official website
ISAAC Conference 2014*  19 to 24 July Lisbon official website
9th Liquid Matter Conference 21 to 25 July Lisbon  official website
XI Congresso Internacional de Lusitanistas 21 to 25 July São Vicente (Cabo Verde)  
16th European Group Analytic Society Symposiun 28 July to 01 August Lisbon official website
60th IPSF Worl Congress  31 July to 10 August  Porto / Lisbon official website
August 2014  2014 - PCMA Global Professional Conference - Europe 26 to 28 August Lisbon  

September 2014
2ª Conferência International Journal of Structural Integrity  01 to 04 September   official website
2014 European Signal Processing Conference* 01 to 05 September   Lisbon   official website 
ECER 2014*  01 to 05 September  Porto  official website 
 13th International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (IATSO)*  03 to 06 September Porto  official website
Shape Europe 2014 04 to 05 September Lisbon official website
EngOpt 2014 - 4th International Conference in Engineering Optimization 08 to 11 September  Lisbon  official website
International Law Association 2014 Regional Conference 11 to 12 September  Lisbon  official website
XXII Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa das Ciências da Educação 11 to 13 September  Porto / Lisbon  
14º Congresso da Associação Europeia de Psicoterapia Corporal  11 to 14 September   Lisbon official website 
Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 17 to 20 September  Lisbon  official website
IMAODBC 2014 - International Marketing and Output Database Conference 21 to 25 September   Lisbon official website 
OSIsoft 2014 EMEA Users Conference  23 to 26 September   Lisbon  official website 
October 2014  Rock'n'Roll Lisbon Marathon 2014   05 October Lisbon official website 
Human Factors and Ergonomic Society  08 to 10 October Lisbon official website 
1º Congresso Mundial em Expressão Facial da Emoção  09 to 11 October  Porto / Lisbon  official website 
Imed Conference  10 to 13 October Lisbon  official website
ESA - Annual Meeting 12 to 14 October Lisbon  
1st Congress on Food Structure Design 15 to 17 October Porto / Lisbon  
7º Encontro Luso-Brasileiro de História da Matemática 15 to 19 October Porto / Lisboa  official website
III Congresso Internacional dos Advogados de Lingua Portuguesa 20 to 23 October Lisbon  
3ª CIDAG -3ª Conferência Int. em Design e Artes Gráficas 22 to 24 October  Lisbon official website
ICEGOV 2014 - 8ª Conferência Internacional em Teoria e Práctica de Governação Electrónica 27 to 30 October Porto, Lisbon official website
Biomarine Business Convention 30 to 31 October Cascais    
November 2014  2014 IATA World People Symposium  04 to 06 November  Prague   
8th European Workshopon Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases  05 to 07 November Funchal   official website 
III Congresso Internacional de Riscos / I Simpósio Ibero-Americano 05 to 07 November Lisbon official website
37º TAP Open 08 to 15 November Lisbon / Faro Sofficial website
XIV Colóquio Ibérico de Geografia 11 to 14 November  Porto / Lisbon   
III Congresso Internacional de Tecnologias da Educação 14 to 16 November Lisbon   official website
ECREA* 12 to 15 November Lisbon official website
XIX Congresso Internacional IIDM 18 to 22 November Lisbon  
XIX Congresso Internacional IIDM 20 to 23 November Lisbon  
42º Congresso Internacional de Viola de Arco 26 to 30 November  Porto / Lisbon  
December 2014  40th IAHS World Congress on Housing  16 to 19 December  Funchal official website


January 2015 Toxins Conference 2015 14 to 17 January  Lisbon  
February 2015 XII CONLAB- Congresso Luso Afro Brasileiro da AILPcsh 01 to 05 February Lisbon official website
 IAPCO  12 to 15 February  Lisbon  
March 2015 13th International Conference on e-Society 2015  14 to 16 March Funchal official website
8th IADIS International Conference on Information Systems 2015 14 to 16 March Funchal official website
11th International Conference on Mobile Learning 2015 14 to 16 March Funchal official website
4th International Research Forum On Guided Tours 18 to 21 March Lisbon  
EDP Meia Maratona de Lisboa 22 March Lisbon  
3º Congresso de Medicina Tropical  17 to 21 April  Lisbon    
2ª Conferência Internacional DAM WORLD 21 to 24 April Lisbon official website
XXIII European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery* 31 May to 03 June Lisbon  
TRANSED2015* 28 to 31 July Lisbon  
1º Congresso Internacional "As Aves na História Natural, na Pré História e na História" 23 to 27 September Lisbon official website


* Official Carrier: Star Alliance.

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