Recipe for the month of August

Veal Cheek with Traditional Migas (Fried Breadcrumbs and cabbage)

Chef Marco Gomes


Ingredients (Serves 4):
1kg Veal Cheeks
200g Bread
400g Pointed Cabbage
200g Cooked Cannellini Beans
20g Garlic
200ml Olive Oil
20g Thyme
1 Lemon
100ml White Wine
500g Lard
Salt, to taste

Clean the cheeks, season with salt, pepper, white wine, lemon and the thyme leaves. Leave to marinate for 24 hours;

Remove the cheeks from the marinade. Place them on a tray and spread the lard on top until completely covered;

Slow cook in the oven for 17 hours at 85ºC;

Boil the pointed cabbage. Dice the bread into cubes. Sauté the cabbage with the olive oil, garlic, add the beans and finally the bread. Season with salt.

To Serve:
With the aid of a serving ring place the traditional migas in the centre of the plate and top with the veal cheek.


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