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Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance

When you buy flights online with a credit card (except Diners, UATP, Visa Electron and top-up cards) you may add Allianz Global Assistance to your purchase.

Children under 2 years old are insured free of charge and benefit from all the cover included in this policy.

The flight insurance covers the following:

Cancellation of travel Limits
Per person 1250 CHF

Assistance - repatriation Limits
Transport and repatriation for medical reasons  Unlimited
Repatriation of deceased 1000 CHF
Medical Expenses 4600 HCF
Transmission of urgent messages Unlimited
Legal representation abroad 1000 CHF
Compensation for interruption of holiday -
Missed connections due to transport delays 100 CHF
Extension of stay for medical reasons -
Flight Delays 50 CHF for every 6 hours (maximum 400 CHF)
Private Civil Liability 100.000 CHF

Luggage Limits
Theft, loss or total or partial destruction 1000 CHF
Essential items 400 CHF

Travel Insurance - Terms & Conditions

Note: Insurance Premium Tax will also differ per country.

On purchasing your travel insurance, you'll receive your policy by e-mail.

If you have any questions contact Allianz Global Assistance
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