Home Check-In

Personalised check-in with baggage collection in the comfort of your home, office or hotel

  Check in from home with Skybags!   

SKYBAGS is a useful check-in service for passengers travelling with luggage from Lisbon Airport. For only €35 per passenger, we offer you personalised check-in and pick up your luggage. This charge includes the transport of the number of bags of the size and weight permitted by the airline.

Check in at home, in your office or hotel on the day before your flight (or on the same day for night flights) and earn up to 750 Bonus Miles in your Victoria account!

How does Home Check-in service work?

On the day before your flight

  • An uniformed, properly identified SKYBAGS employee will come to your home, office or hotel and perform a personalised check-in.
  • Your travel documents will be checked.
  • Your luggage will be sealed with SKYBAGS security material in your presence to protect it and weighed to check that it is within the airline's limits. Any excess weight or size will be charged at current rates plus the SKYBAGS surcharge. 
  • You will be given a SKYBAGS receipt.

On the day of your flight

  • Go to a TAP Check-In desk, without luggage, up to one hour before the flight to collect your boarding pass.

  • You will be told which boarding gate to go to.

  • Your bags will travel on your flight with you.

Terms of use

  • We charge special prices for children.
  • Extra bags and excess weight and size will be charged for on collection at the airline's rates plus a surcharge of €1 per kg excess weight.
  • We offer special rates for groups, provided that the group is at the same address.

Premium Check-in

A personalised service for top-class passengers

  • We know how precious your time is. That's why passengers travelling in Business Class or holders of Victoria Gold, Victoria Silver or Star Alliance Gold cards will find dedicated, priority check-in or baggage-drop desks at all our airports. Get fast, exclusive service! 
  • The service is available at desks 01-06 in Terminal 1 at Lisbon Airport and desks 16 and 17 at Porto airport.

How to request the service

The SKYBAGS service can be purchased online on Skybags official website or by phoning 808 20 20 03.

Geographical coverage

We currently serve TAP-operated flights departing from Lisbon Airport.

We cover the following areas:

  • Lisbon city
  • Lisbon to Cascais
  • Lisbon to Sintra
  • South bank of the Tagus (subject to confirmation)
  • Lisbon District (subject to confirmation)


Do all the passengers at the same address have to be present when SKYBAGS comes to do the check-in?

Yes, everyone who will be travelling must be there and must show the identification documents they need to enter the country at their destination (ID card, passport and visa) during the check-in.

How can I be sure that my bags won't be opened between my home and the airport?

SKYBAGS does everything necessary to ensure that your luggage arrives safe and sound. During the home check-in, SKYBAGS will seal each bag in your presence with security seals on all openings. Only airport security will be able to remove the seals if they decide it is necessary to conduct a security inspection. All the seals are numbered and the passenger is given a list of these numbers.

Can I change my seat, upgrade or change my booking with SKYBAGS?

No. Upgrades and changes of seats or bookings must be dealt with your airline before we arrive.

How does SKYBAGS secure the luggage and guarantee that it will arrive at the airport safely?

With a combination of safety measures:

  • We guarantee the inviolability, safe transport and storage in a dedicated location and provide your bags with a higher level of safety and security than they would normally have.
  • The safest available method is used to seal your bags in your presence at your home and you are given a receipt indicating the unique seal numbers. 
  • Your bags are then taken to the airport in a secure, locked vehicle. 
  • At the airport, the sealed bags are handed over directly into the custody of the airline that you will be using.

SKYBAGS complies strictly with the airlines' rules and Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority (INAC) regulations on the handling of hold luggage.

Are there any restrictions on what I can take in my bags?

SKYBAGS can only accept items that comply with the airlines' general luggage policy.

Will I be compensated for any loss or damage or misplaced luggage?

SKYBAGS will pay compensation in accordance with your airline's luggage policy if your luggage is delayed, lost, damaged or stolen when in our care.

Can I leave my luggage at the SKYBAGS office instead of waiting for the company to pick it up?

No. However, this type of service may be considered in the future, depending on demand.

For more information on this service, call us on 808 20 20 03, (9 a.m. to midnight 365 days a year).


View all the information about the General Conditions of Carriage and Baggage Restrictions.