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Can I ask for a ticket refund online?collapsed

Yes. Online refunds are only available for tickets issued more than 48 hours earlier in Portugal and European countries with the Euro currency. You can make the online request in this page.

Are there any restrictions on online refunds?collapsed

Yes. Online refund is not available for:

  • the social mobility subsidy request (Madeira)
  • tickets issued by travel agencies

My ticket was issued less than 48 hours ago and I want a refund. What should I do?collapsed

If the ticket was issued less than 48 hours ago, please call the Call Center or a TAP ticket counter.

I bought my ticket from a travel agency. Can I ask for an online refund?collapsed

No. Tickets issued by travel agencies can only be refunded by travel agencies.

How can I know if my ticket is refundable?collapsed

You may check your ticket conditions in your booking confirmation (sent by e-mail) or contact the TAP Contact Center.

How long does the refund take to be processed?collapsed

Refunds for payments by credit card are processed within 7 days. Refunds for payments by credit card are processed within 21 days, via bank transfer.

What details should I provide for a refund via bank transfer?collapsed

For bank transfer refunds, you must indicate:

  • the Bank Identification Number
  • the bank
  • the account holder’s name
The details may vary according to the market where the payment was processed.

If my flight gets cancelled, do I get a refund?collapsed

If anything untoward happened with your flight, please contact the TAP ground handling agent. You can also check Passengers Rights here.

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