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What is Mobile Check-in?collapsed

Mobile Check-in is a service that allows you to check in wherever you are, with a smartphone or tablet, and immediately receive your boarding pass. It is available through the TAP app or the FLY TAP Mobile website. You can find all information here.

What are the conditions for Mobile Check-in?collapsed

For Mobile Check-in, you will need:

  • A smartphone or tablet with internet access
  • An e-ticket for a flight operated by TAP
  • To be travelling on a route where Mobile Check-in is possible
  • Not to have made any changes against payment of charges

Can I use Mobile Check-in on any smartphone?collapsed

Mobile Check-in works on most mobile phones on the market. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows systems and allows you to check in anywhere. Your device must have internet access. If you don’t know how to access or use mobile internet, please check the user manual for your device. If you are not sure about your internet service plan, please contact your mobile services provider.

Can I use Mobile Check-in for the outward flight and return flight?collapsed

Yes, but only if the departure city is included in this service and within the advance period defined for the check-in.

Is Mobile Check-in available on all TAP routes?collapsed

Mobile Check-in is not available on all TAP flights. Please see all restrictions and details here.

Can I use Mobile Check-in when travelling with checked luggage?collapsed

Yes. You may deliver your luggage to a TAP counter, according to the information table available here.

When I use Mobile Check-in, how long before the flight do I need to be at the airport?collapsed

If you are travelling with checked luggage, please consult the drop-off timetables here. If you are travelling with hand luggage only, you must only keep in mind that the boarding gate closes 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

I lost or can't print my mobile boarding pass. What should I do?collapsed

In that case, you can:

  • Access the Mobile Check-in app once more and re-issue the boarding pass
  • Access the Online Check-in and print the document in PDF format
  • Go to a TAP drop-off counter at the airport and ask to print your boarding pass

Can I use Mobile Check-in for a group?collapsed

Yes, for all reservations with more than 9 passengers, you may use Mobile Check-in. However, we recommend each passenger checks in individually, so that the boarding pass is sent to their own mobile phones.

Can I use Mobile Check-in for the other passengers on my reservation?collapsed

Yes, you can check in the other passengers on your booking using a mobile device, for reservations of up to 9 passengers. This service works the same way as the Online Check-in.

Is Mobile Check-in available in my language?collapsed

You can check if your language is available for Mobile Check-in in the “Settings” of the App’s menu or the “Change Country” in the FLYtap mobile.

What languages are available for Mobile Check-in?collapsed

You can use the Mobile Check-in service in all the languages available at FLYtap mobile (about 20 languages) and in tapApp.

Will I receive the boarding pass on my mobile phone?collapsed

Yes. You can receive it in two ways:

  • Via SMS, a link where your boarding pass is displayed
  • To your email address, a PDF document

I'm on the app. How do I use Mobile Check-in?collapsed

Please take the following steps:

  • Choose the Mobile Check-in option
  • Read and accept the General Conditions of Carriage and the Information on Forbidden Objects
  • Enter the date of your flight and the booking reference/e-ticket number
  • Confirm your seat on board. You may change it, according to the stated conditions
  • After completing the check-in process, enter your mobile phone number or your email address, where you will receive the boarding pass
Your boarding pass has all the information of a traditional boarding pass (boarding gate, place, boarding time, etc) In case you’ve chosen your email address, all documentation (including the boarding pass) will be sent in PDF format We suggest you keep your boarding pass safe on your device, so you’ll have it with you whenever needed

How do I go through airport security control?collapsed

You just need to show the QR/bar code of your boarding pass on the screen of your device. The QR code replaces the magnetic band of the traditional boarding pass in the drop-off baggage counter, security, lounges and gate. If you’re travelling with hand luggage only, you can go directly to security control and show your boarding pass on the screen of your mobile device. If you’re travelling with checked luggage, first go to the drop-off counter within the stipulated time and then proceed to the security control.

My mobile device is not working. What should I do?collapsed

If your phone or tablet is not working, please go to a TAP counter at the airport and ask them to print the boarding pass.

I'm travelling with a baby. Can I use Mobile Check-in?collapsed

Yes. Mobile check-in is available for passengers travelling with babies. With one exception: if you have asked TAP for the cot facility .

I cannot use Mobile Check-in for my flight. What's wrong?collapsed

If you’re having difficulty with your Mobile Check-in, you could be flying from an airport with restricted online access. Please check restrictions and guidelines here.

I didn't receive the SMS message with my boarding card. What should I do?collapsed

Please try to do the Mobile Check-in again, so that a new SMS can be sent to you. You can always recover or re-print your boarding pass at the baggage drop-off counter or kiosk desk.

How long before departure can I use the Mobile Check-in?collapsed

Mobile check-in is available up to 72 hours prior to departure. Exceptionally and because of government restrictions for flights from and to the USA, , Mobile Check-in is available from up to 24 hours prior to departure.

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