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Can my company have an agreement with TAP?collapsed

Yes. We have several Corporate products designed for different company profiles. Fill out your company’s details here, so we can offer you the product best suited to your business needs.

What is the minimum volume needed for my company to have an agreement with TAP?collapsed

The TAP|corporate fly product has no minimum requirement. Register here. Whenever an employee travels with TAP, the company earns points. To learn more about this product visit here.

My company is located in Angola. Can we have an agreement?collapsed

The Corporate products for the Portuguese market are valid only for VAT issued in Portugal.

I want to have an agreement with TAP. What should I do?collapsed

You can access this form, where all details are requested. After receiving your form, we will contact you immediately with a Corporate product offer or to appoint a meeting. If you prefer, you can contact us at

What type of Corporate agreements are there?collapsed

TAP Corporate fly is dedicated to small and medium companies:

  • No minimum travel is required
  • Allows you to earn and use points
  • Points convert to Award Tickets and Upgrades
  • You can register online here.
TAP Corporate top is for large companies and requires a minimum volume of travelling. It offers your company special conditions and a personalised account manager.

I need more information on the TAP Corporate Top agreement (Price/Services).collapsed

Please send us your questions to, so we can help you.

How do I schedule a meeting with the TAP Corporate department?collapsed

Please contact us at We will gladly answer your request.

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