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When will I get my Victoria Client Card?collapsed

The Victoria Miles Card is available exclusively in digital format.

My address and preferences are wrong. How can I change them?collapsed

You can change your personal data in the "My Victoria" section. *For security reasons, you can only change the name, date of birth and email address in your profile through our Victoria Customer Service Centre. To do so, please email us a copy of an ID document to

Does the digital card replace the physical card?collapsed

Yes, but only for Miles status Clients. Using the TAP App, Victoria Clients can access the digital version of their card, which is updated automatically according to the Client’s status. This version of the card has a QR code that performs the same data verification functions as the magnetic strip of a regular card, which helps make the TAP client experience easier and more flexible. For Silver and Gold Clients, the physical card is still available in addition to the digital card, and clients must show their card whenever asked to do so.

Is the app free?collapsed

Yes. The TAP App is free and costs nothing to install, update and maintain, and there are no monthly payments or charges for customer support. The app is available for download from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store, in both Portuguese and English versions.

Which mobile devices can run the app? collapsed

Any device that has an IOS Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), Android or Windows (PC/Tablet and Phone)

What are the advantages of using the TAP App for Victoria Clients? collapsed

Through the TAP App, Victoria Clients have access to a reserved area that, after authentication of their client number, allows them easy, fast and secure access to their personal account information.

I am not a Victoria Client. Can I still download the app? collapsed

Yes, the TAP App is not restricted to Victoria Clients. Users who are not Victoria Clients will have access to all the functions of the app except for the “Personal Area”, which can only be accessed through the client’s number.

What is STEP?collapsed

STEP is the new Miles Programme for our customers aged between 12 and 25 that has discounts, partners and exclusive offers. To find out more go to STEP or facebook STEP and register, benefiting from a sign-up offer of 1.000 bonus miles, on all new enrolments from 1 July and 30 September.

I am a Victoria Client and am old enough to join STEP. How do I join?collapsed

In September all Victoria Clients aged between 12 and 25 will automatically join STEP. However, if you would like to join before then, send an email to with your details and you can join STEP straight away.

I have signed up for STEP and I have a flight booked for August. What do I do to earn miles?collapsed

You will have to give your STEP number to the airline or ravel agency that made your booking so it can be added to the booking.

What are the benefits of joining STEP?collapsed

The STEP Programme will have partnerships and offers aimed at and exclusive to your age group, as well as giving you the benefits of Victoria partnerships.

When will I get my STEP card?collapsed

The STEP card will be available in digital form. Look out for STEP on Facebook and at

How can I earn miles with different partners?collapsed

Your STEP number will be given to the partner airline when you make a transaction and the miles will be credited automatically.

Which airlines can I earn miles with?collapsed

Go to the website and you will find the airlines you can earn miles with.

I can't sign up to STEP. It gives me an error message. What can I do?collapsed

Are you a Victoria Client already? If so, you don't need to sign up. If not, send an email to with the error message that comes up.

If I change from being a Victoria Client to STEP One will I lose my miles?collapsed

No, the miles you have in your account will be transferred to your STEP account.

I'm going to be 25 this year: is it worth changing to STEP?collapsed

Of course. You will still have the chance to experience the benefits of STEP for a little while.

I am a Victoria Client and I have asked to change to STEP. Will I also get the 1,000 miles for signing up?collapsed

Yes, they will be credited in September when all the other Victoria Clients change to STEP.

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