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A major advantage is the pleasant climate, which allows you to enjoy beaches, terraces and long walks through a city where the pace of events is constant. Barcelona is a choice that does not disappoint expectations, which are very high.

Seeking a trip? Culture, beach, leisure or shopping? Whatever the answer, Barcelona has exactly what you want and will make you feel at home. At first glance, it is a city with a unique atmosphere that can captivate those who visit it. The options are so varied that it is almost impossible to feel one minute of boredom. The truth is most regrettable, to have little time and just start thinking about the next visit. Thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean, the climate is quite pleasant, which allows you to fully enjoy the beaches, terraces and other outdoor spaces at any time of year. Travelling on public transport in Barcelona is eased by the fact that the titles can be used in the subway (which has six lines), buses and trains. The two wheelers are another option to consider for those who want to discover the city and you can rent bicycles or scooters. For an overview of Barcelona, there are several possibilities, such as panoramic buses, trams or a lift (www.tmb.cat).Boat trips (www.lasgolondrinas.com) are also very popular with tourists.