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Belo Horizonte is known for its artistic and cultural creations. It's a treat for music lovers, theater, cinema, literature and fine arts. With several museums - and beautiful architectural spaces - exhibition halls and amphitheaters around the city, cultural alternatives abound in "Beagá”.

From since very early, the capital of Minas Gerais has shown its binding with the cultural component. Young poets, such us Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Milton Gustavo Campos or Campanema demonstrated irreverence, when in the 20s, created a philosophic magazine. It was a motto and the inspiration for many artists. For example in the music industry and this is a city with many musicians, such as Milton Nascimento, Skank, Pato Fu, Jota Quest or Sepultura.The city has a cultural infrastructure that consists of 36 theaters, 54 cinemas and more than 30 art galleries. The 18 museums of the city have a strong national pride, by exposing many art pieces related to Brazil's history. Visitors should not miss the Art Museum of Pampulha, work of Oscar Niemeyer, with its many pieces of contemporary art, the History Museum Abilio Barreto, related to the history of "Beagá” or the Museum of Natural Science with a major collection of fossil mammals of Latin America.In the city, any empty space is used to organize events. Besides the nature related aspect of the parks, these are great places for anyone who enjoys music and theater. In City Park and Mangabeiras Park several concerts are organized.

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