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Museums, forts, theatres and art centres. In Fortaleza every place has a little story to tell. Open your eyes and discover in detail what came from the past and is still in the present. In the end, make a survey to yourself about what you have found. It is an interesting memory game.

Fortaleza is a city of artists, writers, painters and singers. Streets and stages are filled with cultural representations that you won't want to miss. Get to know the most important theatre in town, the Teatro José de Alencar, built in 1910, but also visit the Teatro do Ibeu and the Teatro Arena. Always with plays on show and which demonstrate a bit of the local culture. On the other hand, if you love the history of cities try to put on your agenda a visit to the Museum of Ceará and the Fortaleza Museum, located within the city's oldest lighthouses, the Mucuripe Lighthouse. The eclectic style of the Cathedral of Fortaleza draws the attention of those who go there. Enter and explore every gothic and romantic detail of this monument built between 1930 and 1963. A stop at the Centro Dragão do Mar Arte e Cultura is a unique opportunity to learn more about the city as it brings together museums, a theatre, cinemas and even a planetarium. Also held here are recitations of poets, concerts and many other shows. Among the most celebrated squares is the Praça do Ferreira, another important landmark, since it is the main scene of social events.

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