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It is the safest port in the Azores. Its marina is internationally known by sailors around the world who like to stop in Horta, the capital of Faial. Let yourself go into this authentic land. There are stories, legends, to tell and a lot of adventures.

In this small island of 173 km2 live about 15 000 people, according to the latest statistics. But many more come here daily. There is a charm in this city, perhaps because it is the land of men at sea. It seems that those who arrive at the docks - or land - are coming to a magical place that hides many stories, many tales and adventures. Just come to downtown and stop in front of all the moored boats there and look at the sailors (sea wolves) and realize that the stories do not end as soon as they come ashore. It is therefore a place that appeals to all the imagination of calling this island the Azores Archipelago.Not only has the marina laid the charm of this island, but also the hydrangeas, the island of Faial mixes shades of green, from its prairies, with the blue of the sea (and flowers). This is a land that was an important staging point in time for the caravels of Discovery. The island was discovered by Diogo Teive, with an exploratory trip in 1451, during the sailing of Gonçalo Velho Cabral.