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Porto Alegre

It is the state capital furthest to the south of Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre is a city that, despite having about 1.5 million inhabitants, does not lose its tone of tranquillity, the peacefulness and a strong connection to the customs and traditions that date back to the eighteenth century, when it began to be built, with the arrival of the Portuguese.

The first residents of Porto Alegre came from the Azores. In the nineteenth century, the arrival of immigrants from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Lebanon began to noticed, but also from various parts of Africa. Despite the large population, it still preserves the airs and the traditions of a small town: here you can spend a Sunday morning in any of the various parks, or sit in the shade and indulge yourself with a barbecue - yes! It should be noted that this is the land of Chimarrão.The city has an area of nearly 500 km2, with a very diverse geography. Also, in social terms, it is a city of contrasts: a part of the population lives in poverty, but Porto Alegre is among the richest cities in Brazil. Crime has been declining and has several distinctions in the lists of best capitals to live, work, do business, study, and also to have fun. With all this, there are naturally many people who want to live in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. Living conditions here can be quite pleasant: Lake Guaíba has a stunning sunset, being one of those moments that you must not lose on a visit to Porto Alegre.