TAP Portugal  


Lisbon is still one of the favorite cities of the tourists for a getaway. When making the decision, factors such as price, climate and the quality of gastronomy, safety and tourist attractions count on their decision. Lisbon is as graceful as much can be, due the friendliness of the people and the amount of history revealed at every turn. Bathed by the Tagus River and within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean, this city has in its surroundings calm and beautiful beaches, as well as idyllic places – such as Sintra, for example - places that cannot fail to be discovered.

With a population of 600 000 inhabitants in the urban area and about three million in the suburban area, Lisbon was invaded by the Moors in the year 714 and latter conquered in 1147, by D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first king. With influences from various civilizations, clearly visible in the various monuments and found remains, Lisbon has undergone major transformations especially after the 1755 earthquake, which destroyed 85 percent of the city and killed almost 40 thousand people. From a medieval city it grew into a modern structure that today we may see thanks to the Marquis of Pombal, who was at the time Prime Minister of the king, Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo and decided to bury the dead and care for the living by constructing earthquake-proof buildings (Pombaline Cage structure), wide avenues forming cross roads and cobblestone pavements. Blue skies almost all year round and a mild climate invites one to discover this important part of history, as well as the glorious days of the Discoveries, when Portugal was led to the four corners of the world. Following the River Tagus we will end on the Estoril Coast and Cascais, where you’ll find some of the most restful and beautiful beaches of Lisbon.