Children on TAP flights

TAP offers its smaller passengers great moments!


Flip & Flap: The new children's friends who fly with TAP 

Children who fly with TAP now have even more adventures, fun games and activities awaiting them.

These are the "new friends" of the youngest passengers and who will make flying on TAP an even more unforgettable experience.

Meet them and now also on-board our aircraft!

In-flight entertainment

Ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of children is one of our top priorities.

It was with their entertainment in mind, particularly during long-haul flights, that we created fun toys and Amenity Kits! 


Children aged between 0 and 3 will be given a soft rattle which will help comfort your child during the flight.

Older ones, aged between 4 and 12 will be given a bag with an UP Kids magazine, an issue specially designed for them, and an eco-friendly tin containing: an eye mask, coloured pencils, sharpener, toothbrush, strawberry-flavoured toothpaste and two games - Mini Mind and Dominoes. 


This initiative is aimed at 'mini passengers' in both Business and Economy Class.

On the entire Airbus A330 and A340 fleet there is also the children's music channel which is full of great songs that children will love.

There is only one way to fly with children: with arms wide open!


Find out more about special conditions for those travelling with children

Note: As the supply of these items on board the aircraft is limited, there may not be enough for all the children on board a given flight.


In-flight meals

On long-haul and some medium-haul flights, TAP offers special meals for children provided they are requested at the time of booking. Because children have special tastes and to ensure that they do not lose their appetite, TAP serves in-flight meals specially prepared with them in mind.

Whenever you need a Child Meal for a minor aged between 2 and 11 (inclusive), please ensure you request it as far in advance as possible.

Baby Meals are available upon advanced booking for children under the age of 2 on long-haul flights and on some medium-haul flights in tap|executive class.

Find out more about special conditions for those travelling with children.