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Athens is known to have a vibrant night. Those born in Athens, like most Greeks, like to party, so they seek fun every night. Generally, the night begins to liven up pretty late, and the offer to have a drink or snack is very wide. The neighborhood of Plaka is the most sought.

Plaka and Kolonaki are areas where normally, you’ll move more like a tourist. It’s an ideal place to experience some Greek food specialties such as moussaka or souvlaki. In this field it is recommended Ouzeria Kouklia and Tripodon 14, in Plaka, and Ouzeria Apotsos and Panepistimiu 10, in Syntagma Square. In Monastiraki, two steps away from Plaka, there are several popular taverns worth visiting, such as the Tavern Sigalas. The locations where you can listen to rebetiko (folk music brought by Greeks from Asia Minor) are in the area of Exharia, and you can listen and see other traditional Greek dancing on the hill of Filopappou. The nights in Athens are long and very lively. The most sought areas are Gazim, Psirri, Metaxourgio, Exarcheia, Monastiraki, Kolonaki and Theseion, where there are many bars and places to dance. In Psirri, for instance, you can find several lively clubs, where you’ll hear all styles of music. The same happens in Gazi. You won’t miss excitement in Syggrou Avenue and Pireos Street.

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Belo Horizonte Munich Rome Luxembourg