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Bamako: Overview

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Watched from above, Bamako is a sketch of straight streets, with more alleyways than broad boulevards, devoid of high-rises and big shopping centres. Watched from within, nonetheless, the capital of Mali is filled with the bustle of people, smells, sounds and flavours that cross this traditionally African city.

Despite housing a total of 60 districts, Bamako is divided into seven main ones: Bamako Coura, Quartier du Fleuve and Le Centre Commercial, in the city centre, and l’Hippodrome, Niaréla, Quinzambougou and Badalabougou in the outskirts. The tour of the city if made with mandatory stopover in the several Bamako markets, in the historical mosques and in the museums, aside from the beautiful gardens stretched alongside the banks of the Niger River. When the night comes, there’s nothing like dancing to the sound of music from Mali, bursting from local clubs and music halls.