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In the middle of the city buzz, between bikes, residents and tourists, Beijing hides several parks where tranquillity is (almost) complete. From parks directed at families, with activities for children, to quieter ones, where you can go for a boat ride, there is a lot to choose from.

In Beijing, there are parks for all tastes, from traditional to more modern ones. For families with children, there is nothing better than the Beijing Amusement Park. With entertainment areas and souvenir shops, there is always something to distract you with during the day. For the ones who prefer tranquillity, in a scenario filled with imperial temples, the best option is the Beihai Park, already popular during the time of the emperors, where you can breathe the millennial story of China. Located near the Forbidden City, this grand garden is an invite to reflection and rest after a trip around the monuments, but there are plenty more parks where peace and quiet is predominant. You can also find the Zhongshan Park, in the western area of the city. The lakes allow you to rent boats for a relaxed ride. In the Yu Yuan Tan Park, there are numerous places where you can sit and rest, but also diverse entertainment activities. It is also good for children, since there is a small zoo where they can see a few animals.

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Dusseldorf Zagreb Amsterdam São Tomé and Príncipe