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Going out at night in Beijing could be a truly surprising experience for the wide range of spaces and the eclectic offer of musical styles going from rock to electronica, to Jazz. Opposite to what you might think, a big part of the spaces even have western features, so they end up pleasing tourists and residents.

If you find, in Beijing, bars with a western ambiance, do not be surprised! The city started investing in a better offer for nightlife only in the 1990s. The rising number of tourists and young students in the city ended up boosting the creation of eclectic spaces where they could have fun. Thus there have been new proposals for all tastes. Nowadays, in many of these places, you can find well-known DJs in busy shows. The best area to go out at night, have a drink and dance is the Chaoyang neighbourhood, north of the town. There are numerous bars such as, for instance, the World of Suzie Wong, Poachers Inn or The Tree. If you prefer live music and enjoy rock, you can have fun at What Bar, on West Yuandadu Bar Street. The ones who prefer jazz can check the East Shore Live Jazz Café, in the Xicheng neighbourhood. Among clubs, the most popular one is Vics, located inside the Workers Stadium, in the Chaoyang district, for electronic music lovers, and the China Doll, directed at tourists.

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