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The fact of being surrounded by the Serra do Curral, Belo Horizonte becomes a great attraction for those who like to try hiking. But even in the city itself, nature is very present. Despite the tall buildings and constructions, you may count more than 200 green areas.

Serra do Curral is practically located in the center. The easiest way to start the hikes is to go to the Mangabeiras Park, from where you may depart from three different tracks. The region also has a vast area of vegetation and it is in this mountain that you will find Galeria Forest, where some rivers flow, find small waterfalls. It is also home to small animals. The best way to make these walks the safest way is to go accompanied by someone who knows well the area. The company “Trilhas de Minas” (www.trilhasdeminas.com.br) organizes hikes.About 100 kilometres from the center is located another area, also very appealing for those seeking a closer contact with nature: the Serra do Cipó. Here lies a national park (www.serradocipo.com), especially with a bumpy relief and altitudes ranging between 800 and 1700 meters.It is also known that the planning of the city of Belo Horizonte favoured the construction of green areas. There are about 30 parks, of which stand out the Americo Renné Giannetti Park, with about 180 000 m², or the Julien Rien Park, where you’ll find several species of animals and where there are also some leisure options such as a fitness zone.

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