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In a country that is still taking its first steps in developing its tourism, the state of its wild landscape and the lack of infrastructures make any trip a real invitation to adventure. Parks and nature reserves help to preserve the wild beauty that it has, as the crown jewel, you’ll find the archipelago of Bijagos.

A lush flora and fauna practically undisturbed by man give a warm welcome to the more adventurous. If looking for the true exotic, this is the country! In Guinea-Bissau, tourism is still in its early stage and therefore, it is short in infrastructure support, from lodging to organized activities. For now it is fishing (barracuda and swordfish) and hunting sport (birds, deer and wild cats) that show greater development. Also the water sports are in development. The Archipelago of Bijagos gave prominence to this piece of paradise. In Bubaque Rubane one can rent a boat and equipment to visit the islands, admiring the dolphins or dedicate or simply fishing. Get equipped, just as Indiana Jones of the tropics and venture on trekking. Here, all precautions are never enough, besides trails that are rarely used, you will find here the true kings of these parts, crocodiles, venomous snakes and several pitons. In this same spirit, set out to explore National Parks, but keep in mind that you must book your stay prior in the (few) existing lodges. In Orango, the hippos “make the call”, in João Vieira Poilão watch the unique happening, the turtle eggs hatch. If you prefer to stay closer to Bissau, visit the Natural Reserve of Tarrafes Cacheu River, dominated by a mangrove forest

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Praia Seville Warsaw Terceira