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Despite being closer to the African continent that any other Cape Verdean island, Boa Vista takes good advantage of the sea. That’s why the tourists arrived there, enticed by the promise of many beaches to enjoy: from almost deserted beaches, to vast ones, as well as sites where you can practise all kinds of water sports and get to observe the wildlife.

Benefiting from the tropical dry climate that ensures a 25º C temperature almost all year around – the same temperature that can also be found in the water, at times – almost all the experiences that Boa Vista holds for the tourists can be enjoyed in the water. The island has a beautiful coastline, as you can see in Santa Mónica Beach, also known as Curralinho beach. Stretched for almost 20 kilometers of sand kissed by pristine waters and populated by thousands of sea crabs, this beach is also an important spawning site for turtles. Speaking of turtles, you can’t miss Ponta do Ervatão, the third most important nesting place in the world for big-headed turtles. As for Baía das Gatas, you will find there the catsharks after which the place is named. In Chaves beach, one of the most famous beaches in Boa Vista, alongside Estoril beach, you might be able to spot turtles and dolphins, but also practice kitesurf, windsurf, as well as fishing. In fact, in almost every beach in Boa Vista, water sports enthusiasts will find activities such as diving, snorkeling, kitesurf, windsurf, fishing or boat rides. Finally, you can’t leave Boa Vista without also visiting Praia da Varandinha, with its astonishing natural grotto, Morro da Areia, which is almost a desert cast in the coastline, and Viana beach, from where you can spot the carcass of Cabo the Santa Maria, a Spanish vessel that has been sunk there since 1968.

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Marseille Venice Porto Santo Boa Vista