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Located in northern Italy in the region of Emilia-Romagna, Bologna is a city hardly known by the tourists, but highly respected by the Italians. It is one of the most prosperous regions of the country and famous for art and culture.

The region of Emilia-Romagna is famous for its art works, for the universities, it has been for many centuries a cultural and artistic education center. For example, the oldest university in the country and Europe, dating from the eleventh century (1088), is located in Bologna.With classic spirit and medieval trace, the city is 140 km2 and about 330 000 inhabitants. It has a great cosmopolitan spirit, but maintains a very calm environment. Because it is situated in northern Italy, the wealthiest region in the country, you notice a different urban culture: people like to dress well, to look good - men and women - what makes the city of Bologna extremely trendy.The arrival of spring restores to this city colors that give it an atmosphere of great romance. By this time of year, the sun begins to warm and it feels good to walk along the streets of the city and discover its beautiful "piazzas” (squares). If Italy is world renowned for its gastronomy, imagine what you'll find in this city, which gave name to one of the most universal food dishes, Bolognese