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With a strong student movement, the night of Bologna is known for being very lively and eclectic. From younger zones, with a faster pace to others more refined, where you can enjoy a great glass of wine while listening to some jazz

In Bologna, fun usually lasts at least until 4am, mainly in the university area, Via Zamboni. The Irish pub, always very animated, are among the busiest in the city and is a good choice for beer, tea or hot chocolate. Al Piccolo, next to Piazza Verdi, also tend to have many students, if a DJ plays techno music this will ensure excitement almost until daybreak. Via Mascarella has several interesting places and in the vicinity, you’ll find two jazz clubs. One is the Chet Baker Jazz Club (www.chetbaker.it) which is a fair tribute to one of the great jazz masters.One of the most interesting places to discover at night is in the oldest part of the city, near the main square. All the surrounding streets of Piazza Maggiore have bars and esplanades, some even with live music. Be sure to visit the most famous enoteca in Bologna, Ai Vini Scelta (www.enotecaaiviniscelti.com) and learn more about the wines from this region.

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