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Chocolates, beer and lace are usual shopping items for tourists visiting Brussels, but the choice cannot pass only through the most obvious presents. From luxury brands to biscuits, through to Art Nouveau objects, the variety of items and stores is vast.

To begin shopping in grand style, forget the boxes of chocolates bought in haste at the airport shops and go for Pierre Marcolini (http://www.marcolini.be), a kind of haute-couture chocolate house, where in every season are created new flavors and fillings for the buyers. The Wittamer (http://www.wittamer.com) is another shop with tradition in this area. The Art Nouveau that fills the Belgian capital can also be found on decorative pieces that may be found in antique shops and markets such as Grand Sablom, which runs on the week-ends and is considered one of the best antique markets in Europe. The most obvious souvenirs such as beer mugs and the thumbnails of the Manneken-Pis can be easily found in shops around the Grand Place, but to surprise friends and family it would great if you go Dandoy (http://www.biscuiteriedandoy.be), a bakery that sells traditional biscuits (speculaas) in small metal boxes. The rainy days are no reason not to go shopping since many stores are in galleries. This applies to the St Hubert Gallery (http://www.galeries-saint-hubert.com), protected by a glass roof where there are many cafes and luxury brands. Rue Antoine Dansaert and Avenue Louise are the trendiest areas of the capital and where the most exclusive shops are concentrated. For those with a smaller budget there are spaces such as the Innovation or Rue Reuver, a pedestrian zone right in the center of town.

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