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City Break

City of contrasts, Caracas is as chaotic as quiet, a strong connection to nature and a wide cultural offer. Make the most of your passage through the Venezuelan capital and discover its heritage and lively nightlife. Caracas is a true city holiday before moving on to paradise.

The number of those who take the opportunity to stop one or two days in Caracas and see the lively Venezuelan capital is increasing, before heading to a paradise vacation in Los Roques and Margarita Island or even in Aruba and Curacao. The more adventurous make a stopover to explore the dense areas forest or the Andes. Actually, there is no need to go far to appreciate the exotic beaches or the lush flora and fauna. Parque Nacional El Avila is virtually omnipresent in the city landscape. Although Caracas is not right by the sea, there is no difficulty reaching, for example, the archipelago of Los Roques. With five million inhabitants, this is a chaotic capital, but offers great contemplation oasis, a vast cultural offer with many art galleries, museums and theatres, and an equally rich historical heritage, on which stand several colonial buildings. The Cathedral and the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas are places to visit. Before choosing a hotel, know that the districts of Las Mercedes and Altamira guarantee greater proximity to the best restaurants and nightlife, while the area of Sabana Grande is ideal to feel the liveliness of the city

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Vienna Dusseldorf Munich Bologna