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Caracas is a city where Nature presents itself in an imposing manner. The most striking example is without doubt the Parque Natural de Ávila, but in the centre of the city there are spaces to rest, to carry out sports activities and to discover plant and animal species most characteristic of the region.

The Parque Romulo Betancourt is one of the most popular and second largest parks of the city. Inaugurated in 1961, it covers an area of 75 hectares and has various artificial lagoons. Early in the morning it hosts many residents of Caracas, who start the day with a run or a walk. Designed by Roberto Burle Marx, the park also has a small zoo and planetarium. Smack in the middle of the city’s centre, the park Los Caobos has a vast collection of century old trees. To the South there is the Caracas’ Botanical Gardens, which integrates UNESCO’s heritage list: it comprises 70 hectares with approximately 2000 species of plants, where it is possible to stroll, relax and learn something new. The El Pinar, in the El Paraíso quarters, has about ninety animal species, attracting many children. With two kilometres of paths it is great for long walks, along which various species of butterflies can be observed. Here, respect for Nature is taken with great rigor: no skates, bicycles or balls are allowed and it is strictly forbidden to feed the animals. The Parque Nacional Cerro del Ávila, with its high mountains, marks the landscape of the city, allowing you, along its 85 192 hectares, to experiment diverse sensations. From the base to its peak there is an enormous diversity of fauna and flora. In the area closest to the city there aren’t many animals, but as one moves upwards, small mammals and even reptiles can be found.

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