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Markets, shopping centres or busy streets. Crafts, fashion or shoes. When it’s time to shop, everyone has his own preference, but Caracas has options for all tastes and likes. The difficulty is finding space in your suitcase for so many things…

Markets like La Hoyada, Chacao and Guaicaipuro can be a good starting point for shopping since they offer diversity of selection and low prices, allowing you also to get to know a little better the vibrant lifestyle of the city’s residents. To find local crafts such as hammocks, native sculptures and pottery, the El Hatillo area, a half hour from the city centre, is the most appropriate. Once there, it is inevitable to pay a visit to Hannsi (www.hannsi.com.ve), where you can buy religious items, candles and crafts or sit and taste (or choose to take home) a good Venezuelan coffee. If you prefer to stay in the centre, look for the Maquita or the Tipico Tabuada, near the Cathedral. Another option is the Paseo de Las Flores, where there are approximately 30 crafts shops. If you want to be a true caraqueño (a Caracas natural) you have to go to one of the enormous shopping centres of the city. The Sambil has five floors and aside from the shops it has an aquarium, a water fall and even a museum. San Ignacio, El Recreo and Tamanaco are equally large shopping centres with many clothing shops and lots of shoe stores. The Las Mercedes area is ideal for those who like to walk in the open air while shopping. And if you need to take a break, there are many cafés, restaurants and art galleries. The La Francia building, near the Plaza Bolívar, is the best place to buy real and imitation Venezuelan jewellery at good prices.

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Bordeaux Venice Oslo Acra
Bordeaux Venice Oslo Acra