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The Moroccans are more open minded to learning. This makes opportunities for growth within and outside the city of Casablanca. The number of galleries is increasing and this shows people’s liking for contemporary art. And tourists can only gain from this.

In this great city there is much to learn, so much from the Arab culture and other cultures too. As an example you have the Jewish Quarter, Lusitania, where more than 5 thousand Jews reside. Here there is a synagogue, Namarroch, on the corner of Rousseau and Ibn Rushd, and the only Jewish museum in the Arab world. It was founded in 1997 and has a collection of items from clothing to tools, through a collection of liturgical objects, and a jewelry studio that shows the rich history of the Jewish community in Morocco, with over 2000 years.More recently, this new Casablanca has helped to discover new cultural spaces such as art galleries. One of the must-see is the Villa des Arts, located in the busy block Maarif and the Park of the Arab League. This elegant and recently refurbished building houses temporary exhibitions of contemporary Moroccan artists.But there are a few more spaces related to the arts: for example, the Loft Art Gallery, (rue Al Kaissi, 13, www.loftartgallery.net), owned by two sisters, both artists, Matisse Gallery (rue de la Convention, 2) or Galerie Atelier 21 (rue Abou Mahassine Arrouyan, 21).

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