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The nights are long in Copenhagen and different, specially during weekend, when the bars and clubs are filled. It is hereby noted that the jazz is quite dominant in the city.

The entertainment options are many. Discos, pubs and restaurants will find many kinds of music, including much fusion of styles, with a mixture of jazz, electronic, pop-rock, among others. But jazz has a huge representation in this city. Indeed, Copenhagen is one of the main points of jazz in Europe, with several bars of its kind and many live performances. This is the case of the Copenhagen Jazz House (www.jazzhouse.dk) or La Fontaine (www.lafontaine.dk).The night always starts at around 21:00, when the cafes and bars are filled for those who want to talk and drink before going to the clubs. Huge variety of bars as suggested Hovedvagtsgade 8, The Dubliner, Satarten Bar, Zoo Bar and Stereo Bar, where you can drink a beer and hear some music.There is also the option of clubs that mostly are open from Thursday to Saturday, as the majority of local people enjoy being at home or stay in the bars. The best known are the Rust Guldbersgade 8, Vega and Enghavevej 40, with huge dance floors.As for restaurants, the city offers all kinds of choices. From cheaper to more expensive restaurants such as Noma (voted best restaurant in the world in 2010), or The Ensemble Paul.

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Salvador Valencia Oslo Turin
Salvador Valencia Oslo Turin