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Not only does the city of Frankfurt live off business, culture and various exhibitions associated also mark the life of the city. Annually, more than fifty exhibitions and fairs are held. The Frankfurt Book Fair is one of the best known and most reputable. The Goethe House attracts thousands of visitors.

There are dozens of museums, some more known and others less. Some more broad, thematic and others for a specific audience. But is this diversity that makes Frankfurt a cultural center of excellence, where literature and history gain an advantage, where you’ll find many different theaters and more informal cultural activities. Thus, it is important to prioritize what to see. Start by visiting the Goethe House, where the famous poet and writer lived between 1749 and 1775. Opened in 1863 and maintains the Baroque Rococo and neoclassical styles of the eighteenth century. Visit the library and the Puppet Theater that was Goethe’s favorite toy. Near the house is the museum dedicated to his life and work, with over 120 000 books. The Historisches Museum is the ideal place to learn more about Frankfurt, since here are organized several exhibitions about the city. Learn more about the almost total destruction of the city in the end of World War II. You can complement your knowledge with a visit to the Jewish Museum. In the Deutsches Filmmuseum become marveled with the history of movie industry, the Lumière brothers' and special effects in films such as King Kong. In the beautiful palace that houses the Museum Liebighaus you can enjoy one of the world’s major sculpture exhibitions.

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