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In Frankfurt there are parties throughout the year, so you will always have good reasons to celebrate. Between taverns and pubs that serve the famous apple wine, be sure to also attend concerts in bars. Why not see a street theater, while you prepare to go to the disco?

In a city with an international atmosphere and a cosmopolitan vision, with parties 365 days of the year, night life could only be very exciting. Restaurants and bars, a little throughout the city offer live music and transmit the atmosphere that we live in the city. The best way to start the evening is going to a German tavern where they have the famous apple wine (apfelwein). They are scattered throughout the city, but mainly south of the River Main. Among all the districts the one that has the most intense nightlife is Sachsenhäuser. Here you will find live music clubs, discos, bars and cafes. Also specialized in live music is the Balalaika. To dance go to one of the most popular clubs in town: Velver Club. But Frankfurt can also be the city of lust. The neighborhood erotische Spiele is filled with erotic venues. Here you can visit museums, sex shops, pornographic movies, live shows and several nightclubs.If you prefer a quieter evening, head to the Theater der Stadt Frankfurt. Several plays that were exhibited here have won international awards. The entire year is great to celebrate in Frankfurt, but do note the traditional festivals, such as the International Music and Jazz Festival in March, or Dippemess in April, with regional dishes, a lot of wine and beer. In June there are theater plays on the streets with Wilhelmstrassenfest Theatrium.

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