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One of most important ports of ancient Europe, Hamburg is a city looking into the future. Vibrant, it is a true cosmopolitan metropolis that takes great advantage of the liaison to Elbe River and a careful reconstruction after the war. Modernity is also visible in the various green areas and bustling cultural life.

Some people call it Venice of the North, for its numerous canals and also for having over 2,500 bridges that help the city to become more functional. Hamburg has two sides. On the one hand, the industrial side, on the other a city with an innovative and bold architecture and lots of green areas, which gives it a status of modernity and youth, a characteristic that attracts more visitors. Destroyed during World War II, the city was reconstructed based on two fundamental pillars: Recovering the historic facades in a neoclassical style and providing the city with concepts of modernity. One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the city is on a boat ride, the other would be from the tower of St. Michaelis Hauptkirche, a baroque church. Take the opportunity to discover the center of town, the trendiest area of Hamburg and one of the most interesting places to have a walk: the Colonnaden. One of the most beautiful and iconic buildings is the City Hall, known as the Rathaus. Among thousands of green areas - a hallmark of the city - stands out the Alter Botanischer Garten, the Arboretum Lohbrügge and Botanischer Sondergarten Wandsbek. The best proof of the cultural dynamics of the city is in numbers: More than 40 theaters, 60 museums and 100 concert halls.

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