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It is notorious that Hamburg is a vibrant city. The night here is long, wild exciting and where amusement is constantly guaranteed. Let yourself go with the excitement of the city. There are many fine restaurants, bars and clubs that you must discover in Hamburg.

It is impossible not to go through the red light district in St. Pauli. This is where most of the fun happens. Business is linked to sex, yes, but it is also true that this place with over 650 bars and pubs is a spot where you can drink a beer, talk and have a laugh.But before the partying begins have something to eat. Or rather, eat well. After all, the best party nights start precisely at this point. One very good choice - and relatively into account – is the restaurant called Vapiano (In the city there are three, but the most famous is in Hohe Bleichen, 10). It offers an Italian cuisine, friendly atmosphere with an average price of 20 Euros. Alternatively, if one wants to spend a more romantic night you can choose the restaurant Bistro Delta (Lagerstrasse, 11).To have fun and if Red Light District is not at all your type of environment, you can try Down Under (Grindellallee, 1), decorated with Australian motifs or the beer bar, Brauhaus Joh Albrecht (Adolphsbrücke, 7). If the goal is to go dancing, the dance floors are open until dawn with several choices: Moondoo (in Reeperbahn), Uebel und Gefaehrlich, a club that was once an old bunker of World War II (Feldstrasse), or the Tunnel (www.tunnel.de).

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