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The best way to enjoy the natural beauty that Helsinki has to offer is to try one of the outdoors tracks. King’s Road is an old path with a historical, cultural and touristic interest, which accompanies the main route linking the cities from medieval times. Currently, the path is also focussed on science and contemporary art in Finland.

The trip promises a fascinating discovery of histories from the past, through one of the oldest touristic routes in Northern Europe, which goes back to the 14th century. Drive or cycle through the old mail path which linked Bergen (Norway), via Oslo and Stockholm, to Mariehamn (Finland) and the whole South of Finland to Vybor and Saint Petersburg (Russia).It is possible to find, on the way, medieval churches, beautiful country hoses and idyllic ports which tell the story of King’s Road. References to the past cohabit with the style of the current life and contemporary culture. Because sauna is a national bath, it is possible to see, even in the countryside, wooden houses used for the purpose. All year long, count on several cultural events which are organised throughout the path.

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