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The museums allow for a trip to the past, to the time of the Apartheid, where racial intolerance and sectarianism were a reality for the people living in South Africa. Put the books aside and get to know the culture from up close.

Arts and shows are two strong words, with a lot of meaning, in Johannesburg. Start the night with a play. There are two good places for that: the Market Theatre, which receives a lot of local artists, and the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, one of the largest and more modern in the country. Here, you can attend big musicals and operas, before leaving for a busy night. But do not go to bed too late, as the day reserves many surprises. Visit the city's museums; you can start by the Apartheid Museum to get to know a bit more of the country's history. Continue to the Constitution Hill, the prison where Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi stayed. If you're a fan of adventures, you should visit the Lesedi Cultural Village. This is a village for tourists, which provides a three-hour walk where you'll get to know the four African tribes: Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi and Basotho. This is a great chance to learn more on the life and social organisation of these peoples, and, in the end, you can attend a music and dance show, while tasting traditional food from the region.

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Salvador Munich Copenhagen Marseille