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Jazz, blues and hip hop are the strongest trends in Johannesburg's nightlife. Bars and clubs show that South Africans know how to have fun. You can also visit one of the two casinos in town and try your luck.

Do you get luck with gambling? Start the night at one of the two casinos in Johannesburg. If things go well, your stay in the city is only starting. The Gold Reef City and the Montecasino have over 2,000 machines where you can play. If, on the other hand, you think you're luckier with love, put the casinos aside and visit one of the city's bars. You might be able to find the love of your life. At Kilimanjaro, the package is complete, since it includes a restaurant, bar and dance floor. Sometimes, there are even plays and dance shows. So, start with a traditional dinner, for instance, a braai, the traditional barbecue, which includes all sorts of meat. Exotic spices assume influences from Malaysia and India. Finish with an Amarula liqueur (made of an African fruit). Teenagers and executives get together at the Color Bar, which usually presents renowned DJs. For jazz, rock, blues or hip hop live shows, go to Bassline, one of the most popular nightlife spots in Johannesburg. Alternatively, head to Café Vogue, a trendy bar which receives tourists and locals, where Saturday nights are reserved to disco music.

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Fortaleza Porto Alegre Rio de Janeiro Barcelona