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With a variety of traditions Spain is passionate and known to be the country of bullfighting, “cañas” and “tapas”, the flamenco and great religious celebrations. The tireless “movida” is characteristic of the Spanish spirit, which makes every street, in each city crowded, by day

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is bordered by Portugal to one side, to the other, a natural border, the Pyrenees Mountain, separating Spain from the rest of Europe, across this mountain range is France. To the south, land plunges into the Mediterranean Sea, where you’ll find the Balearic Islands and in the Atlantic Ocean meet the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. Spain occupies an area of 504.030 km2 and it is the second largest country in Western Europe. The restless city of Madrid and irreverent city of Barcelona are the two major cities of the country, both offering its visitors a unique experience, for the intense nightlife in the capital city as for Gaudi’s unconventional works in the city of modernism.Flamenco, Bullfighting, “canas” and “tapas” are the best known tags of this country, but the home of Salvador Dali, Miró and Picasso hides other treasures worthwhile discovering.Spend your Summer in Formentera beaches or set sail on a cruise in the Mediterranean, in Winter enjoy the snow in Sierra Nevada, discover the natural beauty of the European Peaks in Spring, venture out in the desert of Almeria and pretend you’re on the moon when visiting the volcanic scenario of Lanzarote.

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